To shareholders and investors

President and CEO 森田 晴彦

Modalis is a biotech company developing transformative medicine for patients with genetic disorders. Modalis is headquartered in Tokyo Japan and operates in Cambridge MA, the center of biomedical research and innovations.

Leveraging the cutting-edge gene editing technology, Modalis has developed the unique gene modulating platform named CRISPR-GNDM® (Guide Nucleotide Directed Modulation).

CRISPR-GNDM® is highly adaptive and scalable technology, which enables to tackle genetic disorders most of which haven’t had any cure to date. Each genetic disorder has a small number of patients, and this has hampered incentives for pharmaceutical industries to develop medicine separately. With highly adaptive CRISPR-GNDM® technology, we manage to break-through the barrier of development efficiency and deliver curable options to the rare diseases.

Modalis aspires to be a global leader in the gene therapy area. Our reward is the pride and hope of providing solutions to the patients who are fighting for the genetic disorders rather than the business returns. We wish you to join our mission and share the honor.

President and CEO

Haru Morita