Joseph S. McCracken appointed to Board of Directors of EdiGENE

Cambridge MA/Tokyo Japan, Aug 15, 2018 – EdiGENE Corporation announced the appointment of Joseph S. McCracken, a former Global Head of Business Development & Licensing at Roche Pharma, to its board of directors effective today.


“We are thrilled to have Joe join our board and look forward to his contributions,” said Haru Morita, CEO, EdiGENE. “Joe is a business leader and understands the opportunity we have to transform the discovery and development of innovative medicines for patients with serious diseases. His experience will be invaluable to EdiGENE, to our partners and most importantly to patients who are waiting for our therapeutics.”


Since the dawn of the biotech industry in early 80s, Joe has taken important roles during  key turning points of the industry. His extensive knowledge and broad experience over the past 25 years encompasses corporate management, business strategy, M&A and licensing. At the Board, he will be offering advice on EdiGENE's long-term corporate strategies and business development, drawing on his knowledge and experience in corporate strategy, licensing and M&A.  


Joe was with Roche Pharma from 2009 to 2013, most recently serving as Global Head of Business Development and Licensing. Prior to joining Roche Joe served as VP Business Development at Genentech Inc.  Joe also served previously as VP Business and Technology Development at Aventis (now merged into Sanofi). He holds a D.V.M. and a M.S., in Pharmacology, from the Ohio State University. Joe currently serves as a board member and advisor for small biotech companies.


With the appointment of Joe, EdiGENE's board consists of 6 members, including: Haru Morita, co-founder, executive chairman, president, and CEO, EdiGENE; Osamu Nureki, co-founder and professor at Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo; Hideki Takeda, President, Medical Patent Research LLC; TeruhisaTajima, President, Tajima CPA office; Tomohiro Anzai, managing partner, Fast Track Initiative, LLC.


About EdiGENE

EdiGENE is an emerging biotech company that has been developing therapeutics with its proprietary technology named CRISR-GNDM. Our people, products, and partners believe every life deserves attention and try to develop therapeutics for genetic disorders mostly belong to orphan diseases.