EdiGENE Announces Business Relocation into LabCentral

EdiGENE today announced that it is relocating its US subsidiary, EdiGENE Inc. to LabCentral, the emerging companies' launchpad in heart of Cambridge MA. The decision to relocate was driven by the Company’s plan to boost its research operation.


“This move allows us to take advantage of Cambridge's strong talent pool and concentrated business environment to continue to build our novel, high-value therapeutics,” said Haru Morita, President and CEO of EdiGENE. We want to be at the center of an ecosystem that shares our aspirations. Cambridge MA attracts a diverse, technologically-fluent talents focused on solving challenges for the world. We are excited to bring our research operation to this dynamic and creative area.”


EdiGENE has been considering the composition and location of its research for more than a half year. The Company began its formal review in Aug 2017, with a list of a number of potential locations. LabCentral was selected after a careful evaluation of its location in Cambridge, the business ecosystem, talent, long-term costs, quality of life for employees, connections with the world and proximity to other important company assets.